• 2018_SnareDrum
  • 2018 - Genevieve Brown
  • McIlhagga in front of the band

    Music Director Dr. Sam McIlhagga

  • 2018_Flutes
  • Painter and Beachler

    Lora Painter and Ken Beachler lead the sing-a-long at CPAC on December 2.

  • 2018_Trumpets
  • Holst
  • On stage at CPAC

    LCB on stage at CPAC Dec 2, 2018

LCB Board of Directors


Term expires in May 2019 Term expires in May 2020
Steve Beck
Deb Spalding
Mary Lander

John Endahl
Samantha Kobb
Joy Rimpau
Tom Zimmerman


President - John Endahl

Vice President - Deb Spalding

Secretary - Joy Rimpau

Treasurer - Mary Lander


Other roles

Music Director - Sam McIlhagga

Business Manager - Elaine Endahl

Librarian - Deb Spalding

Percussion Manager - Diedra Garlock

Equipment Manager - Steve Beck

Graphic Designer - Kelly Sandula-Gruner

Historian - Open

Publicity - Deb Spalding

as of October 26, 2018



Next LCB Board meeting

The next regularly scheduled LCB Board meeting will be held Monday, December 10 at 7:00 pm. The site is still to be determined. Members are welcome to attend.

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The LCB is a member of the MSBOA


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